The firm’s staff includes 40 employees, 16 of which are C.P.As. The rest of the staff consists of central examiners, articled clerks, accountants, professional arbiters and the administrative staff.

The firm employs a lawyer in order to provide immediate answers to legislative issues and inquiries, such as labor law. In addition, the firm is in close contact with professional judicial consultants advising on any subject matter necessary.

CPA Faculty

Email name Kadouri Ezra Kadouri Ofer Kadouri Alon Kadouri Eran Gutman Orit Yehudit Bichler Guetta Keren Fisher Miri Benishou Ayelet Gross Lea Natanzon Adina Shtampper Dasi Shpitz Helli Ben Mordechai Paz Shlomit Cohen Frid Nitzav


Email Name Ben Shitrit Talia Galai Sara Tam Michal Kadouri Keren Osidon Lili Shtern Zipi Karo Miri Ben Irena Tamam Idit Naki Thila Yaakov Merav Adi Cohen Zedek Yaakobovich Lea Maizer Ira Zakay Yochi Ben Kristina Azulay Yarden Viller Miri Adas Ruty Kadouri Sapir


Email Name Avraham Smadar Amar Guitit Kadouri Dora