Bookkeeping, Business Consulting and Related Services

  • Consulting and Management Services

    – Preparation of business plans and support of establishing different projects
    – Valuation for companies planning mergers and divisions
    – Due diligence
    – Mergers and divisions
    – Analysis of real estate projects and investments locally and abroad
    – Performing various projects for government offices
    – Venture capital investment analysis
    – Organizational consulting
    – Financial analysis
    – Human resources consulting
    – Constructing, programming and auditing special projects

  • Internal Audit Services

    – Preparation of special reviews at the request of the client
    – Organizational structure analysis and internal control survey
    – Audit reports concerning labor methods in organizations
    – Support and advice for solving problems and abnormalities in organizations
    – Organizational consulting
    – Establishing proper task processes and labor guidelines

  • Bookkeeping Services

    – Monthly bookkeeping for hundreds of independent businesses and companies
    – Importing files directly from several bank accounts, on a daily basis
    – Supplying online bookkeeping
    – Generating profit and loss statements for monthly follow-ups
    – Issuing  monthly reports for tax authorities – Internal Revenue Services, Social Security, Value Added Tax
    – Issuing annual reports for the authorities
    – Issuing cost accounting and management reports directly from bookkeeping on demand

  • Payroll Services

    – Specializing in labor law including legal advice
    – Monthly processing and printing pay slips
    – Ongoing work with insurance companies and banks for salary components
    – Transferring money through the Bank Clearing Center
    – Handling claims against Social Security (birth, army reserves, unemployment etc.)
    – Advising in issues concerning payrolls and preparation of professional reviews
    – Tax planning provisions in order to maximize utilization of salary components
    – Monthly and annual reports for the authorities

  • Investigative Auditing

    – Examining existing procedures and possible embezzlements
    – Providing suggestions for solutions to correct inadequacies
    – Ongoing spot checks assessing solutions

  • Approved Enterprises

    – Plan submission of written authorization for approved enterprises
    – Ongoing escort after completion of the approved investment
    – Advising companies on the preferred course of action concerning approved investments
    – Preparation of business plans for submission
    – Constant monitoring compliance with the conditions of the approved document

  • Services in Real Estate

    – Financial consulting and chaperoning, valuation and feasibility analysis
    – Business planning
    – Entrepreneurship and development organization of purchasing groups and joint projects
    – Assistance and consult in raising capital from institutions and investors
    – Due diligence existing projects
    – Local and international tax consulting and planning
    – Representation and support of investors


Granting professional services in various projects and diverse sectors