About Us


Ezra Kadouri & Co. is a CPA and business consulting office, which is rated among the top thirty in the country. Operating for over 50 years, it has been furnishing accounting, business and tax consulting services to hundreds of clients all over the Israel.

The firm’s head office is in Petach Tikva. Having forty employees, it provides services to the private sector, various public institutions and government bureaus. The office retains close connections with CPA firms abroad rendering international services as well.

In addition to auditing and accounting, the firm maintains council and management services in a wide variety of business departments. These include business programs, worth valuation, mergers and splits, planning and accompanying local and international transactions, investigation auditing, foundation of auditing for large projects and more.

The firm also conducts a wide range of assistance in many fields, such as, local and international tax, wage calculations, auditing and accounting control services for government offices and institutions, and financial information systems.

We are committed to consolidating and strengthening our enterprises by upholding the integrity, values and professional ethics we believe in.

We insist on long-term, personal relationships with each and every client. Our aim is to help advance and promote by making sure the staff attends to every need with professional service. This we do by having years of accumulated experience, expertise in accounting, CPA, tax and economics and by constantly being updated in all areas.

We specialize in the following:

  • Tax Consulting
  • High Tech
  • Building Contractors
  • Non-Profit Organizations and Corporations
  • Government Branches

We administer accounting services and professional services, on a constant basis, to hundreds of enterprises and companies. Moreover, special projects are given professional direction from the beginning, throughout the entire proceedings and follow-ups.

The firm has a department which furnishes auditing services and accompanying services to small businesses. The department supports, on an exceptionally professional and continuous basis, self-employed enterprises and partnerships. It accompanies the entire number of clientele on a monthly basis in a range of analysis regarding the situation their business is in.

Email distributions concerning tax and audit updates are sent regularly to all.

The firm’s offices are owned by the partners and cover a total area of 600 square meters. All the firm’s departments are fully computerized being linked on-line to several databases, tax authorities and government offices.

The firm is dully ensured against professional liabilities.

We, at Kadouri & Co. make it a point to put special efforts and emphasis on keeping and maintaining constant personal relationships between the partner in charge and the clients. In addition, we seriously take into consideration the quality of service we provide making it our top priority. The partner in charge is the address to each and every request, assistance, question and problem, which the clients have. We are here to provide quick and reliable answers, at the highest possible level and to the clients’ satisfaction.

Each and every client is important and unique. The working process is adapted so that each individual is granted the best professional service.